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G.M. Petrov, G.I.Pinigin, Nikolaev, Ukraine, 2007. - 100 p.Translation from Russian into French of the book, entitled "Karl Knorre, First Astronomer of the Black Sea Navy" was made in collaboration with Knorre's offsprings, namely Suzanne Heral and Serge Prat, who live in France. The book was greatly enlarged and improved in the course of preparation. In 2007, it was published by Irina Gudym's publishing office.

G.M. PETROV, G.I. PINIGIN : Karl Knorre, the First Astronomer of the Black Sea Fleet.
Translation into French : Suzanne Heral, 2007 edition, Irina Gudym, Nikolaev, Ukraine.

Summary : Lucky circumstances enabled a descendant of Karl Knorre (astronomer in Nikolayev, Southern Russia, from 1821 to 1871) to learn about the existence of the first biography (written in Russian) ever dedicated to her illustrious ancestor, "the First Astronomer of the Black Sea Fleet". She immediately offered the authors to translate their work into French, which they accepted with enthusiasm. The book describes the main stages in the career of the astronomer : his studying years in Dorpat (today Tartu in Estonia), his arrival in Nikolayev in 1821 at the age of 20, his informative journey in Western Europe from 1825 to 1827 and the numerous tasks he had to fulfill during his fifty years' activity : he taught courses in practical astronomy at the Nikolayev Navy School, led hydrographical campaigns in the Black Sea, Sea of Azov and Sea of Marmara, established the 5th Sheet of the Stellar map published by the Berlin Academy of Science and contributed to various publications.

Moreover, at the authors' request, the translator used her family archive to enrich their work with an additional chapter and photographic documents in black and white and in colour, thus enlarging the subject to Karl Knorre's descendants.