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Images were obtained by scanning paper cards of scientific library.
The images are divided by categories of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC).
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UDC Title of category
00 Fundamentals of knowledge and culture.
001 Science and knowledge in general. Organization of intellectual work. Including: Scientific terminology, methodology, research.
002 Documentation. Books. Writings. Authorship.
004 Computer science and technology. Computing. Data processing.
004.05 System and software quality.
004.08 Input, output and storage media.
004.31 Processing units. Processing circuits.
004.38 Computers. Kinds of computer.
006 Standardization of products, operations, weights, measures and time. Including: Standards. Specifications. Codes of practice. Recommendations.
008 Civilization. Culture. Progress.
084 Pictorial material. Including: Collections of illustrations, plans, maps.
32 Politics.
331 Labour. Employment. Work. Labour economics. Organization of labour.
51 Mathematics.
511 Number theory.
512 Algebra.
514 Geometry.
514.7 Differential geometry. Algebraic and analytic methods in geometry.
517 Analysis.
517.9 Differential equations. Integral equations. Other functional equations. Finite differences. Calculus of variations. Functional analysis.
519.1 Combinatorial analysis. Graph theory.
519.2 Probability. Mathematical statistics.
519.6 Computational mathematics. Numerical analysis.
519.7 Mathematical cybernetics.
519.8 Operational research (OR) mathematical theories and methods.
52 Astronomy. Astrophysics. Space research. Geodesy.
520 Astronomical instruments and techniques.
521 Theoretical astronomy. Celestial mechanics.
521.9 Astrometry. Spherical astronomy. Including: Calculations of ephemerides.
523.3 Earth-Moon system. Including: The Earth. The Moon.
523.4 Planets and their satellites. Planetology.
523.6 Interplanetary medium. Comets. Meteors. Meteorites.
523.9 The Sun. Solar physics. Including: Active Sun. Solar activity. Sunspots.
524 Stars. Stellar systems. The Universe.
524.3 Stars. Including: Variable stars. Novae. Supernovae and related objects. Peculiar stars: Pulsars. Neutron stars.
528 Geodesy. Surveying. Photogrammetry. Remote sensing. Cartography.
53 Physics.
535 Optics.
536 Heat. Thermodynamics. Statistical physics.
537 Electricity. Magnetism. Electromagnetism.
539 Physical nature of matter.
54 Chemistry. Crystallography. Mineralogy.
550.3 Geophysics.
550.4 Geochemistry.
550.8 Applied geology and geophysics. Geological prospecting and exploration. Interpretation of results.
550.93 Geochronology. Geological dating. Determination of absolute geological age.
551 General geology. Meteorology. Climatology. Historical geology. Stratigraphy. Palaeogeography.
552 Petrology. Petrography.
552.6 Meteorites.
553 Economic geology. Mineral deposits.
56 Palaeontology.
62 Engineering. Technology in general.
62-5 Operation and control of machines and processes.
62-8 Machines according to motive power, propulsive force. Source of energy of machine.
621 Mechanical engineering in general. Nuclear technology. Electrical engineering. Machinery.
621.3 Electrical engineering.
629.7 Air and space transport engineering. Aeronautics and aircraft. Rockets and missiles. Astronautics and spacecraft.
65 Communication and transport industries. Accountancy. Business management. Public relations.
66 Chemical technology. Chemical and related industries.
678.6 Synthetic polycondensation products. Polycondensates. Synthetic resins. Synthetic fibres etc. Including: Polyester. Polyamide (nylon).
681.1 Apparatus with wheel or motor mechanisms. Including: Horology. Watch and clock making. Reckoners of consumption. Registering, recording and control devices.
681.2 Instrument-making in general. Instrumentation. Measuring instruments and their manufacture. Balances. Weighing devices.
681.5 Automatic control technology. Smart technology.
681.6 Graphic reproduction machines and equipment. Including: Typewriters. Composing machines. Printing presses. Graphic reproduction machines. Printing machines.
681.7 Optical apparatus and instruments. Including: Lenses. Fibre-optic devices. Magnifiers. Microscopes. Spectacles. Telescopes. Binoculars.
681.8 Technical acoustics. Including: Musical instruments. Mechanical and electric musical instruments. Sound recording and reproduction.
683 Ironmongery. Hardware. Locksmithing. Bottling. Lamps. Including: Door furniture. Fuel or flame lamps, lanterns. Stoves. Heating appliances.
69 Building (construction) trade. Building materials. Building practice and procedure.
744 Linear and geometric drawing. Technical drawing.
77 Photography and similar processes.
91 Geography. Exploration of the Earth and of individual countries. Travel. Regional geography.
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