2010-10-22 18:37:52

Mobitel is the mobile multi-channel automatic telescope, which was created in the RI NAO. On December 2009 first observations were carried out at this telescope. Regular observations are held since August 2010. The telescope is designed for ground-based positional observations of the Solar system bodies and artificial space objects (ASO) on near earth orbits.

The telescope consists of four optical channels that are installed on independent mountings, three of which are situated on the double-axle trailer. The fourth telescope mount can be independently set on a special observing site.

Double-axle trailer allows us to transport the telescope to observation points with suitable astroclimatic conditions. (For example, areas of highland of Crimea). The double-axle trailer is equipped with an autonomous power supply, machinery leveling, GPS receivers for determination the location and the formation of precise time signals with an error less than 100 microseconds 0.1 ms.

All four channels are fully automated. They are equipped with: 

  • reduction system to determine the angle of rotation on the basis of absolute encoders with a resolution of 10 arc seconds;
  • drives on two axes using a worm and helical gearboxes and stepper motors;
  • electronic components of forming signals of drivegear control manufactured with the use of modern microprocessors and miniature power electronic components.

Program control system provides an independent simultaneous work of each of the telescopes. Telescope control is carried out by remote assistance.

Optical characteristics of lenses and light-receiving device allow observation of the following objects:

  • Artificial space objects (SO) on low Earth orbits (LEO) (200 - 2000 km), medium Earth orbits (MEO) (2000 - 34000 km) and geosynchronous Earth orbits (GEO) (~ 36000 km) Earth orbits; Potentially dangerous asteroids (PDA) and near-Earth objects (NEO), on a distance of 0.01 - 0.1 AU;
  • Characteristics of optical channels of the Mobitel telescope



Observing objects

Example of CCD images


Maksutov telescope (D=500 mm, F=3000mm);

CCD Alta U9000 (3k×3k);


Rotating platform.

Satellite, NEAs and PHOs of 13–17.5m in LEO and MEO;

SDα,δ = ±0.05" – ±0.25".

NEA 2003UV11, apparent motion 134.3 "/min, exposure time 50 s.


Refractor (D=230 mm, F=800 mm);

CCD Alta U9000 (3k×3k);

FOV 2.5°×2.5°;

Rotating platform.

Satellite of 12–15.5m in GEO, LEO and MEO.

SDα,δ = ±0.5" – ±2.5".

Artificial satellite RapidEye4, apparent motion 0.38 °/s, exposure time 0.92 s (23 images).


Photographic objective (“-11A”) (D=48 mm, F=135 mm);

CCD Watec 902H2;

FOV 2.8°×2.1°.

Satellite of 9–11.5m in LEO.

SDα,δ = ±1.5" – ±5.0".

Artificial satellite Lageos2, apparent motion 164.4 "/s, exposure time 5 s.


Maksutov telescope

(D=270 mm, F=750 mm);

CCD Alta U9000 (3k×3k);

FOV 2.6°×2.6°;

Rotating platform.

Under construction.