2010-10-09 17:05:38

The Axial Meridian Circle (AMC) was put into operation in 1995. The AMC carries out positional observations of stars and minor planets up to 16th magnitude with accuracy not worse than 50mas.


Design and Features

The AMC consists of the following main parts:

• a horizontal telescope in prime vertical: D=180mm, F=2480mm;

• a vacuum autocollimator, aligned with the telescope: D=180mm, F=12360mm;

• 8-sided truncated cylinder, having two flat mirror planes with the angle of 45o between them;

• a graduated limb, made of K8 glass, division 2', scale 1 arcsec/mkm;

• CCD camera of the telescope, made on the base of S1 chip;

• CCD camera of the autocollimator;

• automatic reading system of the graduated limb;

• setting system: step 4", maximum angular speed 150 o/min

The automatic control system allows an observer to carry out observations in automatic and manual modes. Integrated software provides preparation of input data for observations, initial data reduction, positional determinations of observed objects, statistical reduction and data storage.

AMC was inscribed in a list of scientific objects that represents the National Heritage of Ukraine by the Decree #1709 issued by the Government of Ukraine on December 19, 2001.