2017-06-29 15:42:11

At a meeting of specialized academic council K 26.062.13 of the National Aviation University, a researcher of MAO Mykola P. Kalyuzhny has successfully defended his thesis in specialty 01.03.01 "Astrometry and celestial mechanics".


Dissertation title
"Usage features of radio interferometric method for determination of orbital elements of geostationary satellites".
The purpose of research was to develop methods and to create a network of hardware complexes to provide operational control of orbital parameters of telecommunication geostationary satellites (GSS) based on the results of coordinate measurements obtained using the radio interferometric method of observation.
The following tasks were solved:
1. Radio engineering complex for determination of orbital parameters of the GSS by  radio interferometric method was developed and implemented. European network of stations for the reception of satellite television signals was created using high precision time reference to pulse-per-second signal of the Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver.
2. Method of obtaining a signal time difference of arrival (TDOA) was developed. Software for calculating this difference was developed using correlation analysis of satellite television signals of digital video broadcasting (DVB). These signals are emitted by a controlled GSS and received by radio engineering complexes installed at stations of the European network.
3. To provide operation of the radio interferometric network of receiving stations, online access to control computers was implemented in order to control their functioning and to obtain observation data.
4. The original software for calculation of the orbital elements of GSS in two-line element (TLE) set was developed and implemented using results of TDOA measurements.