2016-06-03 16:29:08

On May 28,  the Open House Day 2016 devoted to the Day of Science in Ukraine was held.


At 11 o'clock the Observatory opened its doors to visitors, who wanted to get acquainted with the unique attraction of Mykolaiv. 

Despite the rainy weather, the Open House Day drew attention of about 1,300 people. 

 A stream of people was going all day.

Many children plunged into the interesting world of astronomy.


A lecture about the history of  Observatory was started every 15 minutes in the astronomical museum. The visitors got acquainted with old astronomical instruments, a collection of astronomical clocks, old books, photographs, paintings and maps.

Modern and historical astronomical instruments were shown. Axial meridian circle (AMC) was put into operation in 1995. AMC has been the object of national heritage of Ukraine since 2001.

Mobile telescope was put into operation in 2010.

Multichannel telescope was made in 1926, and was set up in Mykolaiv in 1961. Repsold meridian circle was made in 1834, and was set up in Mykolaiv in 1955.

Repsold vertical circle was made in 1897, and was set up in Mykolaiv in 1913. Freiberg-Kondratiev transit instrument was made in 1899, and was set up in Mykolaiv in 1913. The visitors got acquainted with the process of modern observations on automated telescopes and the organization of visual observations in the past.

More than 25 employees of the observatory took part in the event. Some of them gave lectures inside the telescope enclosures or in the astronomical museum.  

Some employees also guided groups of visitors. All employees worked smoothly and with full dedication, and as a result, the high level of organization and the positive feedback from our guests were obtained.