2015-06-03 10:37:27

In the frames of All-Ukrainian Festival of Science, events dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Science in Ukraine were held by Research Institute: Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory (RI NAO)  on May 23, 2015.

At 11 o'clock in the Round Hall of Observatory, a presentation of the new book, named "Impressions of my life.From memoirs of director of Nikolaev Observatory B. P. Ostashenko-Kudryavtsev" was held. The event was attended by representatives of education and cultural community of Nikolaev, as well as relatives of B. P. Ostashenko-Kudryavtsev. Scientific secretary of the observatory, Zh. A. Pozhalova, who is the editor of the book, told about the history of its creation and content, and gave brief information about B. P. Ostashenko-Kudryavtsev's  biography. The meeting was ended with a guided tour, during which invited guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Nikolaev Observatory and its present.

At 12:00 observatory opened its doors for the residents and visitors of Nikolaev, who wanted to explore the unique sights of our city. Open House Day drew the attention of more than 1,600 people who took part in this event.

It was an endless stream of people coming until the evening. Every 10 to 15 minutes, the excursion was started on the picturesque glade near the main building by telling a story about the history and development of Nikolaev observatory.

Then the guests got acquainted with the astronomical museum, which housed ancient astronomical instruments, a collection of astronomical clocks, old books, photographs, paintings, maps.

In addition, each visitor had the opportunity to get acquainted with the photo exhibition, presenting photographs of astronomical objects, made by amateur astronomers, including from Nikolaev Club of amateur astronomy (about 20 pieces).

Telescopes of amateur astronomers were placed here as well. During the day, the visitors viewed the Sun through special filters, and in the evening they viewed the moon.

In the frames of the event, the visitors viewed current and historical astronomical instruments, such as: the Axial Meridian Circle (the object of the national heritage of Ukraine), the Mobile Telescope, the Multi Channel Telescope, the Repsold Meridian Circle, the Repsold Vertical Circle, the Passage Instrument made by Freiberg-Kondratiev. The visitors got acquainted with the process of modern observations using automated telescopes as well as with organization of visual observations in the past.

The RI NAO organized a working group of highly skilled professionals, designed excursion routes. More than 20 employees of the observatory were involved, each one had a definite place, either in the pavilion of the instrument or in the Round Hall of the Main Building, or guiding a group of visitors. The whole team worked smoothly and with full dedication, resulting in a high level of organization of the event, positive and even enthusiastic customer comments.