2011-03-03 17:18:56

Research Institute "Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory" (RI "MAO") is based on state ownership, and is subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science.

RI "MAO" is the non profitable research institute. The RI "MAO" is a legal body having certificate of state registration, series A01 #492800, issued on July 8, 2002.

The legal form is a state institution. Type of classification of economic activities is 72.19.

Research and development in the sphere of natural and technical sciences. Reference AA #662402 of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine.

The RI "MAO" operates on the basis of the Law of Ukraine "About scientific and scientific-technical activity", the current regulation of Ukraine and the Constitution. The Charter of the RI "MAO" was registered by the Executive Committee of Nikolaev City Council on June 22, 2011 #15221050003010688.

The purpose and object of research activity are defined in accordance with the article 3 of the Charter.

The RI "MAO" is created for:

  • Basic research in astronomy to improve the accuracy of celestial coordinate systems in the optical range and their relative orientation based on the definitions of the proper motions of stars and Solar system bodies.
  • The study of near space objects to obtain their coordinates, dynamic and physical characteristics.
  • Creation of new tools and methods for astronomical observation and research.

The main activities of the RI "MAO" are:

  • Optical observations of stars using differential method in order to clarify and disseminate reference coordinate system HCRF to faint stars.
  • Improvement of the accuracy of linkage between optical and radio systems of coordinates by using obtained positions of stars and bright extragalactic radio sources in selected areas of the sky.
  • Observations of the Solar system bodies, namely minor planets, asteroids.
  • Observations of objects of natural and artificial origin in the near-Earth space.
  • Astronomical instrument making.
  • Development of information systems and virtual observatories. 
  • Maintenance of time and frequency standard at a modern level for astronomical observation and monitoring of the ionosphere. 
  • The provision of paid services according to applicable law.